Zimbabwe Luxury Safari

Zimbabwe Luxury Safari, luxury safari in Zimbabwe, safari lodge in the very beautiful and unspoilt , staying at a fabulous camp or lodge in Hwange
Zimbabwe Luxury Safari, luxury safari in Zimbabwe, safari lodge in the very beautiful and unspoilt , staying at a fabulous camp or lodge in Hwange

Zimbabwe Luxury Safari

For the very best wildlife, scenery, and overall safari experience, Zimbabwe offers all of this and more!

Zimbabwe was stamped firmly on the map 25 years ago as probably the best country to visit for a safari. 25 years on, it has pretty much returned to its former glory. For anyone searching for a luxury safari in Zimbabwe, the country offers some of the finest experiences.

Whether its real luxury in terms of staying at a luxurious remote safari lodge in the very beautiful and unspoilt Gonarhezou region, famous for its elephants and wonderful walking, or staying at a fabulous camp or lodge in Hwange, made famous for its presidential herd of elephants, Zimbabwe offers the iconic wildlife rich safari.

We can also offer time spent with wild dog researchers - from just a day to several days, observing Africa's most efficient predator. Zimbabwe also has the most diverse areas, with the best canoeing safaris available in the magnificent and beautiful Mana Pools region - perhaps even sleep out in a hide, or marvel at the Victoria Falls - especially when there is a lunar rainbow.

The Mana Pools area is my favourite area in Zimbabwe. It is probably the most beautiful area, with the mighty Zambezi flowing at 8kms wide in some places and is the best river to have a canoe safari. In addition, the wildlife is superb with some of the best wild dog sightings here, as well as elephant, lion, and leopard. Malilangwe reserve offers some of the best experiences to view white and black rhino, and it also has extraordinary raptors, such as the black eagle.

The Matobo Hills is yet another region, dotted with rocks and filled with important archaeology. We also offer really wonderful walking safaris in the Mana Pools region, and one can either stay at a camp where the owner is one of Zimbabwe's finest guides or one can take over exclusive use of a camp.

Another wonderful area is Lake Kariba, where there is another lovely owner-managed camp where one can go fishing, bird watching, and game viewing on foot, by boat, and by vehicle.

What you can be assured of though, is that Zimbabwe is renowned for having the finest guides in the business, and this certainly hasn't changed. Zimbabwe offers such diversity both in terms of wildlife as well as scenery, and so many different experiences that complement one another - no other country in Africa has quite this diversity!

The tourists are returning by the flock and the country, and Zimbabwe, with its warm and friendly people, is ready to welcome you!

Zimbabwe luxury safaris are an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife in Africa. We organise the most amazing African luxury safaris.

We are the only exclusive luxury safari company in Europe that is entirely owned and staffed by people who have spent their lives being brought up in Africa and India. We know, watch, and understand the seasons - something which cannot be gleaned on a 2-week research trip to a country.

Enquire now for a truly fabulous Zimbabwe luxury safari.

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