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Zimbabwe Travel Directory

Zimbabwe Travel Directory


General Information

Welcome to Zimbabwe - a land rich in diversity from low-lying semi-desert to lush highlands enveloped in forests and lakes.  Zimbabwe continues to dip in and out of international headlines, often creating a daunting vibe for prospective visitors.  In 2008 the economy collapsed and there was a cholera outbreak that killed around 4000 people.  

Today, the cholera has abated, the economy has dollarised and, at least in the urban areas, things are easier and the people happier.  Behind the grim news reports lies one of Southern Africa's most beautiful countries.  Situated on a high plateau in Southern Africa and covering 390 245km, visitors will see a wholly different image of the country, and will realise just how amazing it truly is.

Despite being forced to sacrifice so much, Zimbabweans have not lost their humour or tenacity. With so few visiting the country, tourists can expect royal treatment!  Zimbabwe is not nearly as cheap as it once was, but its richness in culture remain the same. Colonialism stays etched in all sorts of ways, but local traditions are visible.

Zimbabwe has a wonderful temperate climate all year-round.  The rainy season lasts around 3 months, usually from about November to April.  The afternoon electrical rainstorms are quite dramatic, and stunning to watch if you are safely indoors - Zimbabwe has the second highest incidences of lightning strikes in the world. 

Winter is the best time for wildlife viewing as the animals will tend to congregate at the diminishing water-holes, making them easier to spot.

Landlocked Zimbabwe is about three times the size of England.  It lies within both tropics and consists of highveld and middleveld plateaus.  There are few countries better placed than Zimbabwe from which to view and study the stars due to the fact that Zimbabwe lies in the low latitudes, 97% of the celestial sphere of the stars is available for observation.


Activities in Zimbabwe

From the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, to fine dining in Harare or bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has something for everyone.

Tourists will experience something worlds apart from outside perceptions.  From the wilderness of Mana Pools National Park, the 5-star and adrenalin options at Victoria Falls and the mountains over-looking Mozambique, to the diversity of the Capital, Zimbabwe is an extraordinary place to visit.  It remains one of Southern Africa's most beautiful and right now untouristed countries.  It is the path less travelled with history in the making.

Things to do:

  • Victoria Falls - dive into Africa : adrenalin sports, stunning nature and 5-star African dining and accommodation
  • Mana Pools National Park - Africa's only national park that allows unguided walking safaris (with lions), canoe the Zambezi as far as Mozambique
  • Harare - Do not miss the Harare International Festival of the Arts held annually in the last week of April
  • Hwange National Park - see the Big Five by horseback - this holds the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa


Accommodation in Zimbabwe

Accommodation ranges from the 5-star Hotels at Victoria Falls, to the budget-friendly in the towns.  There is a wide variety of options available from bed and breakfasts, self-catering units, hotels, guest houses, camping sites and lodges in the area. Please view our accommodation directory for more information on all the places to stay in the area.


Businesses Directory

Zimbabwe's business community is growing. Tourists can find shops, stalls and souvenirs all over the country. The local restaurants are a culinary delight and there is something for every taste. Please view our business directory for a full list of businesses.



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Zimbabwe Travel DirectoryZimbabwe Travel DirectoryZimbabwe Travel DirectoryZimbabwe Travel DirectoryZimbabwe Travel DirectoryZimbabwe Travel Directory