Mashonaland East

Mashonaland East

Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe includes Harare, Marondera and Mutoko.  This province mainly consists of rural communities, with a number of commercial farms especially around Marondera and Mutoko.  This province receives quite a high annual rainfall.

Accommodation in Mashonaland East Province

There are quite a few different accommodation options available in this province, ranging from Hotels, to lodges to self-catering houses.  Please view the accommodation directory for more information.

Businesses in Mashonaland East Province

The business community of the Mashonaland East Province is doing well. Having the capital of Zimbabwe situated here there are many local products, shops, stalls and restaurants to choose from.

Please go to our business directory for a list of businesses in the province.  

There are various activities and attractions in this province:

  • Mutoko Centre 
  • Mutoko ruins 
  • Mudzi River
  • Golf courses
  • Recreational parks - Lake Chivero
  • Wildlife parks 
  • Good variety of shopping malls, art galleries, cafes, and entertainment venues that have live music
  • Mbare market 
  • Human Sciences Museum
  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  • Greenwood Park
  • Markwe Cave Paintings
  • Imire Game Park 
  • Marondera Golf Course